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A rare 5,000 SF subdivided lot in downtown Arlington, VA. The goal was to create an affordable three-bedroom house that would be a practical example of sustainable living in a dense suburban neighborhood.


First, hold tightly to the required setbacks at the lot edges, and reach upward for open space by creating a generous roof deck and a third story studio. The side walls of the house roll upwards and transform into roofs at the garage and the south-facing high roof, which provides space for solar hot water panels and future photovoltaics. The street facade balances the desire for south light with the need for privacy from the dense neighborhood by utilizing sliding screen walls that can shade the screen porch in the day or the front windows at night. The house shows the possibilities for increasing density in our older suburban neighborhoods while still being a good neighbor.

In Town

Located in the heart of Arlington, VA, Metro Green is within walking distance to public transportation, stores and schools.

Renewable Materials

FSC certified roof decking, NordicLam spruce engineered timbers and reclaimed oak flooring.

Water Conservation

The green roof and on-site water catchment tanks retain stormwater from large rain events. All other roof surfaces are routed to rain barrels for landscape watering.

Sustainable Landscape

All plantings were non-invasive and drought tolerant, including the green roof on the roof deck.

Energy Efficient

Metro Green has attained a modeled HERS score of 50. It has SIP walls which heavily reduce thermal bridging, provide superior insulation and air sealing and drastically speed construction. It also has a fully insulated basement, a highly efficient ground source heat pump providing heating and cooling and Low-E, double-glazed argon windows.

Award Winning

Certified LEED for Homes PLATINUM
Best Single Family Home 2009: Virginia Sustainable Building Network