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The grand, yet compartmentalized layout of this classic brick mansion with views of Casco Bay in Falmouth, Maine, was ill-suited to this 5-person + 4-dog family. They requested a reorganization of some of the interior spaces and an addition to the rear of the home to accommodate their modern-day lifestyle, while still maintaining the character of the original c.1929 structure.


The primary living spaces - new kitchen, adjacent dining room, and screened porch - located at the rear of the house, were expanded out to take advantage of the water views and the solar exposure. A partially barrel-vaulted ceiling and corresponding roofline bring in added light to the conservatory-like space, while echoing the arched windows and dormers elsewhere. A circular patio and concentric stone wall bring the experience further into the landscape and reorient views to the richest part of the adjacent cove. The old garage was converted into the new den. The curved, crafted timber overhang of the bowed wall features a copper roof, as does the conservatory, while a carefully determined amount of the new windows maintain the historic leaded glass panes of the original home. A new radiant walnut floor adds to the coziness of the space and a new, adjacent, heavy-timber carport takes over as shelter for the family's vehicles.