Willow Ledge Construction Builder

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This mid-1900's cape had undergone a series of disjointed additions through the years, leaving the young family with awkward living spaces and insufficient windows that took minimal advantage of the excellent southern exposure and the attractive views of the adjacent Audubon Society-protected lands and estuary. A limited budget was available for resolving these issues as well as adding square footage to the lower level, providing direct access to the back yard, and building a new master suite above.


The most recent addition was demolished down to the foundation and the gap between it and the double-loaded garage was infilled to serve as the new kitchen. The rest of the public spaces were opened up to each other as old and new are carefully woven together, blurring the line between each. Extensive windows and a French door to the south allow the entire first level to enjoy sun and views while effectively limiting sight of their closest neighbors' houses. The rear third of the garage was converted into a screened porch with new direct access to the kitchen. The new cottage-like form resolves that of the cumbersome previous additions, and adds upper level square footage while maintaining a comfortable and familiar sense of scale from the newly active back yard.