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Michael Boucher Landscape Architecture

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Town donated land will allow the first Workforce Housing development for Falmouth, Maine, allowing nurses, firefighters and police officers to continue to live in the towns they serve.


Our competition winning entry in collaboration with Michael Boucher Landscape Architects emphasized economy, sustainability and retention of the site's natural beauty and landforms. We routed all roads and site utilities through naturally accessible zones, avoiding high rock outcroppings and wetlands.

We designed the multi-family townhouses to sit at the center of the site, followed by duplexes and single family housing, creating a gradient of density.

All units will be modestly sized and detailed for maximum affordability, while still allowing architectural expression and design that blend with the natural New England landscape and allow the creation of a new community for the town of Falmouth.

Renewable Materials

Locally sourced materials will be used whenever possible.

Water Conservation

Low-flow fixtures will be used at every opportunity.

Budget / Economy

Construction economy and long term affordability are the prime mandates of the town of Falmouth.

Sustainable Landscape

Retain the natural landscape of stone outcroppings and wetlands.

Energy Efficient

Projected LEED Platinum.