Phil Fabiano General Contractor

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This inland sight on Maine's Long Island had the potential for distant views, but the existing cabin on the site, affectionately known as "Shack-ri-La" was only about 200 sf and never got above the first floor. The owner had cherished this spot for years, dreaming of the camp that would eventually take anchor. The goal was a modest structure that lived large when the family came to visit, which was quite frequently in the summer months.


The new camp's square footage is only about 750 of conditioned space. What sets this apart is a 2-story screened-in porch adjacent to the main space allowing the house to double in size in the summer months. The lower level expands the public space while the upper level of the porch adds several bunks to accommodate visitors, wowing them with distant water views. This highly-sustainable structure is oriented for passive solar and built on a radiant slab, allowing the slab to release at night the heat it gained during the sunniest hours of the day.