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Ari Meehan Casework Detailing

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Full rehabilitation of a 1910 New England town home. No expansion of the footprint, but allowing full utilization of a carelessly subdivided grand house.


Rearrange and rehabilitate the attic space into a home office and guest suite, with views over the neighborhood rooftops.

A new kitchen expands above the garage, with panoramic wrap-around windows brought tight to the honed granite countertops. New custom trim profiles designed by the owner add character and grace to the historic home.

Full window and siding replacement allowed the creation of an airtight layer of exterior insulation and rainscreen, providing increased comfort, paint longevity and siding life.


Full rehabilitation of a 1910 New England town home.

In Town

Schools, stores and public transportation located within one city block.

Energy Efficient

Exterior poly-iso rigid insulation and air barrier with damp spray cellulose and low density spray foam cavity insulation.

Renewable Power

An evacuated tube solar thermal array provides hot water for the entire family.