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The owners of a coastal property sought to build a new home that would sit well with their existing cottage, which they had enjoyed for many years, while living as a truly modern companion to their eclectic oceanfront neighborhood.


Generous porches present a welcoming entry towards the street in harmony with the neighboring structures.

A simple compact form rises dramatically and opens towards the ocean. Corner windows are carefully placed to capture spectacular coastal views and ensure privacy. Deep set windows and slatted exterior sunshades prevent overheating in summer while maximizing winter sunlight.

Renewable Materials

All materials are carefully chosen for low toxicity and extreme durability in the harsh coastal environment.

Sustainable Landscape

All plantings are from the native coastal landscape, evoking cottage plantings. Particular attention has been paid to minimizing construction site management and maintaining natural water flows.

Energy Efficient

The house is built with triple-glazed windows and double stud wall construction, with minimum R-values of 40 in the walls, and R-60 in the ceiling. The mechanical systems are reduced to a single zone radiant slab with touch-up heat in bathrooms, providing immediate construction cost savings, even before counting energy savings over the life of the building. The house is expected to only use a few hundred gallons of propane per year for heat.

The house is projected to meet the Architecture 2030 Challenge of a 50% carbon reduction by 2010.

Renewable Power

A solar hot water system will provide over 60% of the family's water heating needs.

Award Winning

Fine Homebuilding Magazine's Best Energy-Smart Home of 2013

The 1,800 sf 3 bedroom home was awarded LEED Platinum Certification.