Seth de Matties General Contractor

Warren Williamson Construction Master Carpenter

Images © Sandy Agrafiotis and Seth deMatties

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This 1920's cottage, sited directly on the waterfront was originally crushed by record snowfalls and condemned upon inspection. With the prospect of lost time on the lake the client sought an expedited schedule and an architect who would meld the competing site characteristics into a working floor plan within the stringent shore land zoning guidelines. The goals were energy efficiency, economy, and thoughtful site design.


The result is a gentle L-shaped structure running parallel to the shoreline and ultimately reaching out to garner the grand vistas of the lake and full perspective of the Presidential mountain range. The house was pulled back from the water to allow a more natural buffer of vegetation and better utilization of space. The light, open design takes full advantage of the site's view, sun path, inviting family time inside and out.

Renewable Materials

Locally harvested and milled pine was used extensively throughout the house.

Budget / Economy

The final cost per square foot was $96 for this 2200 sq.ft. home.

Energy Efficient

Dense packed, dry-blown cellulose insulation helps make this house significantly more air tight than typical homes.