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The clients wanted to build a new home in Portland's East End neighborhood so they could be closer to the city. They looked forward to less driving, more walking, closer proximity to restaurants, and the many sights and sounds of city life. The narrow lot presented design challenges that the clients hopes Kaplan Thompson Architects could overcome with style and functionality.


We designed an energy-efficient townhouse with a garage on the ground level, elevator, and roof deck to add outdoor space to the small lot.

In Town

Portland's bustling East End is a short walk to downtown, the Old Port, and many other neighborhoods.

Budget / Economy

Built for around $147/square foot

Energy Efficient

2x6 w/ cellulose and 2" polyiso. insulation at exterior
Energy Recover Ventilator (ERV) for fresh air
Efficient gas-fired boiler (natural gas)
Anderson 400 windows