Marty Weeks General Contractor

Images © Sandy Agrafiotis

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The clients own a wooded lot in Cundy's Harbor that slopes down to the water with views of Hen Cove and Yarmouth Island. They were looking for a modest sized home, open in plan, which took advantage of the water views and nestled into its surroundings.


A slab on grade main level, coupled with oversized double hung windows minimizes the transition between outdoors and indoors. As you approach the entry you see a glassy, delicate, connector that not only invites you in, but also allows you to get a peek at the water beyond. The master suite exists in a separate pod, giving the feel of an intimate retreat within the beach house itself. The pod, along with the main body of the house, feel as though they once fit together at some bygone era, and the undeniable presence of the local guiding forces: the sun, the view, the canopy of the trees, the pine needled "front lawn" put them in their proper place. The curved half-arch brackets reach for their brethren across the sunny patio like two pieces of gooey cheese pizza lifted and pulled apart, hot from the box. Bon Appetit!