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Our clients were relocating back to their home state of Ohio and had found a beautiful Mid-Century Modern home with great design and bones still owned by the original owner, but in dire need of an update. The finishes hadn't been touched since 1965, the mechanical equipment was old and dated, and many of the rooms were dark and small.


We approached the renovation as we always do, with an evaluation of the structure and layout. Luckily, the roof was a truss system which allowed us to open up walls throughout the kitchen and dining room without incurring major structural costs to the project.

Our design creates a "reveal" upon turning into the courtyard when guests glimpse the heavily glazed & expansive new roof monitors that give the first hint that the house has taken on a new life. We created new pathways and spaces throughout the house that expose the new design elements as if one was peeling back layers of an onion. Light floods in throughout the new openings from above and the new casework floats within the space like museum display cases.

A new master suite is being added to the rear of the house that complements the existing roof lines and home design. It will be built to modern super-insulated standards to keep the new construction's impact on the building as a whole to a minimum, while adding views and space inside the forest landscape.


The entire structure was retained, with only a small addition to the rear. New insulation will be blown into the attic throughout, with careful attention to air sealing.

The updated finishes include new flooring, tile and cabinetry throughout the project.

In Town

Set in a wooded preserve blocks away from Wooster College, this neighborhood has beautiful trees and landscape, it's a hidden gem in town.

Renewable Materials

Finishes throughout the project were chosen with sustainability in mind, from the locally fabricated american walnut cabinetry to the rapidly renewable caramelized bamboo flooring.

Sustainable Landscape

The construction took place within a careful tree preservation plan, to maintain the landscape that the previous owners carefully built up over their time in the house.

Energy Efficient

The new construction is all designed to super-insulated standards, with 12" double-stud wall construction, a heavily insulated concrete slab and a vented truss roof.

The existing house will have a new gas boiler, new efficient hydronic pumps, and the ineffective roof-mounted air conditioner replaces with modern high SEER equipment.