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A small camp cabin right by the water's edge and well inside the shoreline setback. The existing uninsulated, one-bedroom structure included a series of informal additions on shallow foundations, with a massive river-stone fireplace and chimney at one end. All area and volume conditions had to be confirmed with extreme care, to ensure compliance with the limitations of the "one-time" 30% development expansion ordinance.


A traditional style, shingled cottage with all bedrooms and living spaces facing the water. Open plan living spaces, minimal circulation, extremely compact and efficient service areas. The required program of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms was kept within the strict area and volume limits only by using maximum space planning efficiency. To provide enough volume and height for a second floor even the "unusable" ceiling space in the existing cottage had to be calculated and "transferred".


Existing cabin footprint and stone fireplace retained. 1 bedroom on the ground floor, 2 bedrooms on the upper floor. Porches front and back.
10,400 cu ft.
1,360 sf.