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An existing cliff-top camp cabin with delightful views overlooking a sheltered cove of Casco Bay. As the entire dilapidated one-bedroom structure contravened the shoreline setback the area and volume conditions had to be measured with extreme care, to ensure compliance with the requirements of the "one-time" 30% development expansion ordinance.


The available volume, measured to a fraction of a cubic foot, is concentrated in a spacious central living room graced with broad, high windows and a lofty "cathedral" ceiling above exposed beams. Although all other rooms are contained within a low ceiling perimeter zone, to ensure compliance with the strict floor area and volume limitations, an efficient layout allows all major spaces to enjoy spectacular water views.

Energy Efficient

2x roof and wall framing
Dense pack cellulose insulation
Polyisocyanurate exterior insulation
Structural insulated panel roof
R-60 roof
R-40 walls