Metro Green, LLC Developer

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A "worst house in a good street": a small one-story house with un-insulated brick & block walls, poor windows and bad cladding, but with a pleasant leafy site and a sought-after address. Perfect for a family of four with a modest budget wanting a modern energy efficient house!


A small first-floor addition provides a new screen porch and kitchen. New bedrooms and bathrooms are arranged in a second floor addition. A roof deck above the kitchen and screen porch provides a spectacular yet private exterior living space.

The performance of the existing shell was upgraded with a new exterior foam "jacket", while also allowing the original interior finishes to remain untouched. New fiber-cement panels and clapboards provide low-maintenance, cost effective cladding and a striking contemporary appearance.

Renewable Materials

Most of the original house and finishes were retained and reused in place. New work merely wraps around or sits on top of the existing structure.

Budget / Economy

Construction cost and time were minimized using full-span floor joists and a single pitch roof with full-span rafters. All new walls & floors used existing load bearing walls & foundations. New windows were sized and located to suit existing framed openings.

Energy Efficient

The whole of the exterior shell was greatly improved with new insulation & air-tight construction. The original un-insulated walls are now wrapped with new exterior foam insulation. New exterior walls have cellulose insulation as well as exterior foam (R33 min. total). The original aluminum windows were replaced by high performance fiberglass windows (R5 min.).