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An early-1900's structure moved onto a new mid-century foundation was in need of a full renovation and addition to accommodate a move-in by the youthful and modern-minded next-door neighbors', a family of 4, in the Willard Beach neighborhood or South Portland, Maine. More room and light, including an abundance of glass, plus open living were required, but it was critical that respect for their former neighbor and the neighborhood itself be evident in the new design.


Although completely transformed from the interior, the contemporary renovation, save a glimpse of the new tower, is to be completely invisible from the street side of the house. Glass expanses, including an tall-ceilinged master suite and the reshaped third-story tower finaaly take advantage of water views into Casco Bay from 3 sides of the house. A new masonry heater will serve to heat the primary structure almost fully.


This house uses strategies such as increased insulation, reduced thermal bridging, higher-performing windows and doors and air-tight construction to increase comfort and reduce heating and cooling costs.

In Town

This home is within a block of Willard Beach and only several block away from the vibrant, emerging Willard Square.

Renewable Materials

Many of the materials used in this home are made from recycled content, are environmentally friendly or come from local sources.

Energy Efficient

A new masonry heater will quite efficiently provide much of the home's heating needs.