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An undeveloped lot in Portland's popular Munjoy Hill neighborhood was the perfect spot for multi-unit housing. With cold Maine winters and increasing fuel prices, the client sought to create a building that would keep heating costs low without sacrificing comfort or significantly increasing construction costs.


This four-story apartment project in Portland's Munjoy Hill neighborhood is one of the most high-tech buildings in Maine. The three-unit building has a two-story owner's apartment on the top two levels and requires no furnace for heating the 4,500 square foot space and produces 9,600 kilowatt hours of solar electricity annually.

In Town

This three-unit apartment building is within walking distance of Portland's East End restaurants and shops and close to public transportation.

Budget / Economy

At around $140/sf, construction costs were similar to a traditionally heated building, but monthly utility bills are negligible.

Energy Efficient

With super tight construction, insulation that achieves an R-value of 43, air-source heat pumps, and a heat recovery ventilation system, the three-unit building consumes no fossil fuels.

Renewable Power

A 30-panel rooftop solar array provides more electricity each year than the entire building consumes, and 90 solar hot water tubes heat three hot water tanks.