Black Brothers Builders, Inc.

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Close to the boat yards on the Thomaston waterfront, the previous building was originally used as a sail loft in the 1800s. For years it had been occupied by 12 apartments on two floors, but in October 2011 a devastating fire swept through the upper half of the building. Although no one was badly injured.... the building was not so lucky. The owners wanted to replace the apartments with a new building, and do it quickly.


A new structure with 9 apartments on 3 floors with a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units. The simple rectangular footprint (60 x 36) has identical unit layouts to minimize construction cost and time. The building is aligned with broad south facing balconies, large south facing windows, and a south facing roof for solar PV panels. Exterior cladding (cedar shingles and fibercement panels) provides a sleek look that requires little maintenance. Slatted cedar screens provide private outdoor spaces for residents.

Energy Efficient

R20 insulated structural slab, R45 double stud framed exterior walls, and R60 roof. Dense pack cellulose insulation, double glazed windows, tight shell construction (0.5 ACH50 blower door test), and passive ventilation.

Renewable Power

Solar PVs on the roof (potentially 16kW)