Adrienne Stauffer

Adrienne is an indispensible jack of all trades who doesn’t believe in the impossible. When she discovers something new, she thinks, “I bet I can do that,” and then she does.

In our office, she juggles bookkeeping, financial planning, office administration, marketing, and facilities management. She’s able to step into almost any role and make it her own, whether it’s keeping an eagle eye on the balance sheet or making sure we’re always stocked with Richard’s favorite brand of tea.

Adrienne is a true interdisciplinary thinker, and she connects the dots between ideas quickly. She studied chemistry and Asian languages in college, and worked as a lab chemist in the early years of her career. She’s passionate about using those skills—curiosity, close observation, careful planning, willingness to experiment—to help Kaplan Thompson Architects take on the problem of creating a built environment that doesn’t impact the environment in a negative way.

She’s an unstoppable learner, and she’s a musician, entrepreneur, soccer player, writer, and avid Scrabble player in her private life. Adrienne will take on a new project just to see where it takes her—for instance, she flies to Washington, DC, a few times a year to play the domra, a type of lute, in a symphony because she saw a posting one day and thought, “I bet I can do that,” and then she did.