Adrienne Stauffer


Our team has always internally regarded Adrienne as the in KTA; as of July 2023, we are now thrilled to officially announce her as our third Principal! We may not be officially rebranding as Kaplan Thompson Adrienne (yet?!), but her dedication to our team and the Triple Bottom Lines of people, planet, and profit is evident in everything we do.

Adrienne is an indispensable jack of all trades who doesn’t believe in the impossible. When she discovers something new, she thinks, “I bet I can do that,” and then she does. She joined the firm as Office Manager in 2012 and was promoted to the Director of Operations and Marketing in 2015. Primarily responsible for the non-architectural aspects of the firm, she has demonstrated leadership in finance, marketing, human resources, operations, business strategy, and company culture. In addition to her role on our team, she is an active participant and co-facilitator in the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines program, a business development initiative that uses a peer coaching model to advance companies in profitability, sustainability and impact.

As true interdisciplinary thinker, and she connects the dots between ideas quickly. She studied chemistry and Asian languages in college, and worked as a lab chemist in the early years of her career. She’s passionate about using those skills—curiosity, close observation, careful planning, willingness to experiment—to help Kaplan Thompson Architects take on the problem of creating a built environment that doesn’t impact the environment in a negative way.

Since mid-2020, Adrienne has been circumnavigating the country in an extremely well-organized camper van. Lovingly named Bebe, the van has brought her to places of extreme cultural and professional importance – perhaps most notably to the world’s largest pecan. When not exploring the country’s nuttiest destinations, she practices Kung Fu and cracking safes. Despite the coolness of her life, boundlessness of her talents, and breadth of her wisdom, Adrienne is always approachable, ready to make you laugh, and two steps ahead of whatever you might need.