Cara Bionde

Cara graduated from Montana State University in 2018 with a Masters of Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design. Between programs she took a year off to work at a landscape architecture firm and take advantage of the many outdoor activities available in the Bozeman area. While she was in school, Cara also enjoyed a taste of the city life while studying urban design abroad in Copenhagen and interning at an architecture firm in New York City.

Cara’s Master’s thesis focused on discovering the connections between food and architecture, highlighting “the importance of slow” and exploring how to shift the design process to reengage with our environment in the fast-paced culture of contemporary life. She astutely reminds us, “In this current culture of convenience there is no need to slow down. Moving quickly inhibits the full use of all senses and the appreciation of moments and place.” This commitment to intentionality carries through to every detail of her project work; as a Living Future accredited professional and our unofficial in-house expert on bird-safe architecture, she prioritizes the use of materials and designs that deeply consider the world around them and give more than they take.

Throughout her education Cara was involved in many community design centered projects including environmental reclamation of mining land in Butte, Montana, a community integrated antiquarium for Oplontis in Torre Annunziata, Italy, and an affordable housing study for the city of Bozeman. Cara made the move to Maine in 2018 and traded the Montana mountains for the Atlantic Ocean. She enjoys woodworking, ceramics, being outdoors, community involvement, cooking, and biking.