Grace Tisdale

Grace graduated in 2015 from the University of Texas at Austin with a Masters in Architecture. She has certification from the Parson’s New Healthy Materials Program, a course that solidified her dedication to designing with non-toxic building materials and the health of a building’s occupants in mind.

Grace has worked in New York City, San Francisco, and diverse places in between. She joined Kaplan Thompson Architects in May of 2020, accepting her job offer on the same day that she closed on her first home.

“I love working on residential projects as you get to work with people to create spaces for real life,” says Grace. “It becomes not only a study of design, but also a study of anthropology. It is through this study of people that one can create empathetic spaces that truly complement the occupant. This slow, intentional method of design moves away from fashion and focuses on healthy and happy living.”

Born in the United Kingdom as the daughter of a computer scientist and a talented artist and naturopath, it felt like a logical merging of ephemeral and physical interests when she found architecture. She is currently in the process of sustainably remodeling her own home, a deep dive into cost analysis and labor that is already informing the way she designs. And builds. And plumbs. And wires electrical circuits. That’s right, she does it all, and with impeccable style.

In her downtime, you can find Grace with her rescue pup, husband (also an architect!) and sweet son Alder out on the trails or at the beach.