Meg Bunke

Meg graduated from Bowdoin College in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Visual Art and a focus on printmaking. During her undergraduate studies she explored a multitude of interests and attended a lecture from a visiting architect – Jesse Thompson – who spoke about Passive House buildings in Maine. She was amazed to learn that a thoughtfully designed and well-insulated home could be heated by a single hair-dryer! A subsequent course on Public Art inspired her to begin considering how people navigate and occupy space and ways in which an artistic intervention could enrich that experience. The desire to work in the field of sustainability and incorporate the creative aspect of her art background led Meg to the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned her Master of Architecture in 2021.

“I think about design as a matter of problem solving,” she says. “The designer is given a set of parameters – client needs and wants, site factors, budget constraints – and her task is to work through these challenges to find a creative solution. A design is only as rich as the problem being tackled.” Her favorite design moments come from elements that create space for repose: a bench in a public space, a reading nook, a courtyard. “A common thread I have found in great architecture is that it inspires daydreaming.”

In addition to her artistic vision and technical prowess, Meg brings a slew of other critical skills to the team. She enjoys ultimate frisbee and has a mean tossing arm; loves card and board games and will readily advise on strategy; and – after selling them for approximately two years – knows everything one must know about backyard trampolines. Growing up in a family of college professors (her mother, father, and brother all teach!), it makes perfect sense that she is endlessly curious and always looking to learn more.