Rachel Kobasa

Rachel believes that life doesn’t have a solitary path, and so she has taken many. The most recent one led her to Kaplan Thompson. She is a great appreciator of the built environment and city design, often from the perspective of social justice. What does accessibility in our constructed world mean as connected to race, class, gender, and ability, and how does this play out in the spaces we occupy both in public and private?

She spent the last three years working on a flower farm. Life in an office is different, but the approach of seeing a project through start to finish still applies.

Rachel is an artist, primarily working as a printmaker. She also designs various doodles with varnish on her nails, relishes putting together a good outfit in the morning, and has recently started to dabble in sign painting techniques. Exploring cities on foot and via public transportation is one of her favorite hobbies, but she’s been known to happily meander through mossy forests and scramble along the rocky coastline.