Zaccaria Farid

Zaccaria received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Architecture from the Wentworth Institute of Technology, though his education extended far beyond Boston. During his senior year of undergraduate studies, he lived in Berlin, Germany, immersed in the city’s iconic architecture and creative culture. While obtaining his Master’s, he visited Shanghai and Zhiying Village in China, where he partnered with other university students on a project to revitalize a national heritage site.

A traveler and adventurer, Zaccaria’s empathy and natural curiosity about the people and places around him have shaped an architectural approach that prioritizes equity and reimagining the norm. He is fascinated by the tension between built rigidity and social fluidity, and believes great design embraces this difference. “I value merit, substance, humor, and interesting moments; both socially and architecturally. Anything that makes you stop, look, think, and judge I believe is a success.”

The interrelation of social dynamics and sustainability, as well as a love of artistry and form, led him to Kaplan Thompson Architects, where he lights up a room with his infectious laugh and enthusiasm for design. He embraces built spaces as opportunities to improve the quality of human life, and craves “something durable yet adaptable, consistent yet responsive, with both structural and social integrity”. He also loves introducing moments of color, especially pink.

Perhaps Zaccaria’s most impressive accomplishment is finding the time to both travel the world and make it more beautiful. In between designing buildings and painting various alcoves in his home (pink), he applies his talents to other artistic endeavors, including acrylic and watercolor painting, pen and ink sketches, and photography. He must be careful not to devote too much attention to any of these projects, however, lest his beloved poof – a stunning Chow Chow named Lola – feel slighted.