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Simple Zero

"KTA did a phenominal job of designing 2 houses for us where we utilize every square foot of space in an energy conscious manner."
Stew MacLehose, Owner - Simple Zero


  • Certified LEED Platinum

Project Team


Simple Zero sought to be a fresh take on a traditional home—a place with a very high level of comfort, durability, and sustainability, on a limited budget. The waterfront property sits close to the Maine Audubon Society’s headquarters in Falmouth, Maine, a spot with rich, textural salt marsh views to the west. The home is set in a close-knit neighborhood on the last lot on the street, a location that affords privacy and a sense of community at the same time.


The home is certified LEED Platinum by the US Green Building Council, and it was also featured in The Journal of Light Construction. The design matches simple, traditional forms with thoughtfully placed windows and overhangs, making the most of the views and creating a livable, open, and modest plan.

The home was constructed with double-thick walls, triple-glazed windows, a full fresh-air ventilation system, and a well-insulated floor slab that radiates heat. It employs renewable energy technology in order to reduce energy costs, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and decrease its carbon footprint. This project exemplifies our technical strategies of including increased insulation, reduced thermal bridging, windows and doors with airtight construction, and reliable fresh-air systems with the goal of increased comfort, reduced mechanical system size, and thus allowing the owners to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels—at an attainable price.


  • Year Completed

  • Cost

  • Gross Floor Area

    1680 sq ft
  • Beds

  • Baths

  • Partners

    Kolbert Building

Sustainability Achievements


  • Walkable location
  • Near public transportation
  • Sustainable landscape
  • Edible landscape
  • Ecological Stormwater Management


  • Uses locally-sourced materials
  • Designed for durability
  • Designed for low maintenance
  • Low global warming potential insulation


  • Optimized for daylighting
  • Fresh air ventilation system for indoor air quality
  • Visual connection to the outdoors
  • Low-VOC finishes
  • Formaldehyde-free building


  • Low-flow fixtures
  • Solar hot water system
  • Landscaping requires little water


  • Fossil fuel-free building
  • Uses renewable energy systems
  • Uses passive design strategies
  • R-5 windows
  • R-40 walls
  • R-60 roof
  • R-20 slab
  • Net zero
  • Fresh air ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Super-insulated
  • Triple-glazed windows
  • High Quality Air-tight construction: 1.5 ACH50
  • Battery storage system for back-up power & grid management
  • Has achieved LEED Platinum Certification