Olivia Bogert

Olivia is not an architect, but glad to be architect-adjacent. She may not design your new structure, but will certainly be delighted and impressed by it. She will also send you the invoices for it.

As the Office Manager at Kaplan Thompson, she supports our team by handling administrative needs, office inventory, and serving as the first point of contact for potential clients. She is genuinely curious, asks many questions, and finds inspiration in solving problems and learning new things.

Olivia’s love of nature and the outdoors inspired her to study conservation biology in college, but in her post-academic life, she has shifted focus from counting salamanders to reconciling bank statements. She hails from a retail management background with experience in both corporate and independent endeavors, though preeminently has sought a place among others with values rooted in sustainability and its practical applications.

Called by the beauty of the mountains and tastiness of the local beer, Olivia lived in Asheville, North Carolina for eight years before making the move to Portland in April of 2020. Having never visited the area prior to relocating, her sole determination was to finally use the life jacket she had purchased for her dog. In her personal time, she can now be spotted in a sea kayak, next to said dog, wearing a matching life jacket.