Our studio is located on the top floor of an historic brick warehouse, at the top of Portland’s Old Port. We have brought as much of the natural Maine landscape into our workspace as possible, from beach rocks within translucent walls, to a rippling galvanized steel ribbon tack space covered in our sketches. As you pause at the entry we bet you won’t be able to resist gliding your hand across the concrete wave.

Phil Kaplan - Principal

Phil Kaplan


Adrienne Stauffer - Associate, Director of Operations and Marketing

Adrienne Stauffer

Associate, Director of Operations and Marketing

Kaplan Thompson Architects
Danielle Foisy - Project Designer

Danielle Foisy

Project Designer

Kai Fast - Project Designer

Kai Fast

Project Designer

We hope you’re looking for a team of architects who are careful listeners, lifelong learners, and believers in the synergy between the built environment and the world around us. If you value beautiful design and high efficiency, our team has the technical expertise and personal passion to create designs that are memorable, adaptable, and will stand the test of time.

Sarah Spielman - Designer

Sarah Spielman


Jesse Thompson - Principal

Jesse Thompson


Adam Wallace - Project Manager

Adam Wallace

Project Manager

We move easily between hand sketching and digital production. We create 3D printed models, animated walkthroughs, and gorgeous renderings whenever it helps visualize your design better. We work commonly with clients from across the country using our secure extranet and web meeting software which allows full immersion in your building from any web browser.

Ben Bailey - Designer

Ben Bailey


Cara Bionde - Designer

Cara Bionde


Kaplan Thompson Architects