Kai Fast

Kai graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston in 2014 with a Master’s in Architecture. They decided to pursue sustainable architecture due to their concern for the future of the environment. “It really felt like the only logical direction to go, in any field, in order to protect our future. I love solving puzzles and problems in all areas of my life, and architecture provides the opportunity to do so. I love seeing an idea or a drawing take shape in the real world – it feels like a type of magic.”

Kai is first and foremost a maker and will dive with obsessive abandon into nearly any practice in order to see their imaginings come to life. They enjoy metal-working, herbalism, and gardening, and are a collector of orchids and carnivorous plants. Ultimately, Kai’s projects both at home and at the office center around bringing people and nature into closer connection through design, whether that means a self-watering kitchen garden or an energy efficient cabin in the woods. They are a certified Passive House Design Consultant and specialize in creating energy models to help inform energy efficient building designs.

Originally from Western Canada, Kai brings us an easygoing nature and frequent unnecessary apologies, as well as an intimate familiarity with very cold weather. “I’m sorry, but Maine is balmy and beautiful. I don’t know what you’re complaining aboot.”