Ben Bailey

Ben graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta’s Bachelor of Architecture program in 2017 and is preparing for professional licensure in Maine. Ben says, “I grew up in the wilderness of central Maine, so nature has always played a huge role in my life. Sustainable architectural design is important to me because I want to preserve these natural environments by thinking carefully about our natural resources.”

His goals include creating architecture that enhances the natural environment and integrates into landscape design. In addition to building beautiful and sustainable architecture, he’s also very interested in how architects can make great design attainable to as many people as possible. While in college, Ben worked on fundraising projects with the Travis Mills Foundation, which serves wounded veterans. Working with another student, Ben created promotional imagery for their newly-constructed Veterans Retreat in Rome, Maine, a place for wounded veterans and their families to relax, recover, and enjoy adaptive sports and activities.

He’s adventurous, creative, and self-motivated, and he’ll be fairly reserved until the topic of discussion turns to something he’s passionate about—like sustainable design. Then, he says, “I can be quite opinionated and extroverted.”