Sarah Spielman

Sarah Spielman graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2019 with a Masters in Architecture. She earned dual undergraduate degrees in Environmental Studies and Art History from Tufts University, making her dive into sustainable design a seamless transition. She also holds an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design, and while she has yet to disclose any additional degrees, we would not be surprised to find out they exist.

Originally from Montana, Sarah grew up cultivating a close relationship with nature and the outdoors. Working on two small, organic farms before pursuing architecture further nurtured this connection, which heavily informs many of her designs. “In practice,” she says, “I am interested in harmony with the environment and honoring the landscape through thoughtful architecture”.

Before joining Kaplan Thompson Architects, Sarah had worked on multi-family residential projects in Austin and single-family homes in the Greater Boston area. Upon receiving her offer to join our team as a Designer, she made the journey from her family’s home in Montana to Texas to gather her belongings, before driving straight to Portland – all in just under two weeks’ time. By pure coincidence, her first residence in Maine was in one of our firm’s past projects.

When not in the office, Sarah can undoubtedly be found outdoors. She enjoys hiking, biking, skiing (she used to be a ski instructor as well!), reading, painting, and most other activities that allow her to connect with her roots and appreciate the world around her.